We are real. We do mistakes. We say I’m sorry. We do second chances. We have fun. We give hugs. We forgive.  We do really loud. We are patient. We love. We are family.


The first one is the 30- year-old ‘citizen of the world’, fluent in three languages.

Fashion is her thing, she’s a trend watcher and a keen traveler.

Since 2004 she has lived in various European cities from Berlin to Glasgow to Florence to Winchester near London [currently].
In every of those cities she had the opportunity to observe fashion trends.

She’s very dynamic, spontaneous, positively thinking and creative.

Her choices and actions lack any rules but somehow they’re all coherent in the end.

She’s full of harmony and so is the fashion she’s fond of and which she presents on her blog.

She loves sports and she tries to make it a part of her every day.

She and  her fiance Artur  are proud parents of two lovely girls aged nine and four years old.

Her true passion is singing.


The second one is 19 years old.

Her passion for fashion is fully mature on the contrary to herself.

She’s a typical ’child of the 21st century’, a renaissance person.

She’s interested in nearly everything and speaks fluently French, English and Arabic.

For her, fashion is like current in the river:

you can either jump in and swim with it or you can stand away,

watch it and be too afraid to jump in. She’s definitely in.

Her stylizations are bold, creative, up-to-date and she feels great wearing them.

She’s a warm and kind person always thinking extremely positively

with her smile almost never disappearing from her face.

She is studying psychology.

She’s a loving sister and a great aunt to her four nieces.


The third one is a 28-year-old graduate

from law school at U.A.M  in Poznan
(Faculty of Law and Administration)

and a mother of two little girls: three years and one and a half years old.

Currently she’s been preparing herself to become a Notary in one of the Notarial Offices in Poznan.

She loves sports and healthy life style.

Whenever it is possible, together with her husband and two daughters,they travel around the world treating it as the best way to relax.

She smoothly puts the newest trends into the classic style of which she’s a big fan.

She’s creative and her life is incredibly ordered, coherent and full of harmony.

Although sometimes there’s a space in it for spontaneity, as she put is with a smile, ‘spontaneity – sure! but planned’.

She believes that people has to be careful when it comes to fashion cause ‘it is we who should shine not our outfit’.

That’s visible on her blog – in both daily and evening stylizations. .

by Bliss Drive Review