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22 May 2014 / Category BEAUTY, Most wanted now / by Ines

Sara Mannei, Nadia Mannei i Ines Mannei korzystają z systemu 3D Chili

Often in your comments you ask us how we stay in shape…

You’re very slim, what diet do you follow? Do you restrict your calories and exercise?”

“Nadia, tell me how you do it – after 2 pregnancies you still look like a teenager and wear a size S!”

“Great photos, you look gorgeous! Do you follow a specific diet or go to the gym? Great figure, love!”

“I’ve seen your blog many times and I’m fond of your clothes, and even more of your appearance. Girls, show us how you stay in shape… Diets, sports? Two of you have children and we’d love to have figures like you :)”


Nadia and I are often asked these questions, maybe because we have children. Everybody knows that makes our ‘mission’ a lot harder.
I usually reply that exercise and a healthy diet are what bring the desired effects. But I’m not perfect   and sometimes I just read a book, skip training, eat chocolate or I choose yoga instead training.

I’m amused by people who take obsessive care about their weight, calories and training. Everything should be done in moderation.
To answer your questions, I haven’t followed any diets. I usually have lots of doubts about the efficiency of those a few days long plans. I’ve never consumed any diet supplements.

Until recently…

We get many products and test samples, and when we don’t need them we usually give them away to you in our various contests. 🙂 We’re always cautious, and often sceptical of new products, especially cosmetics and diet supplements.

Some time ago, we received a package of 3D Chili diet system stuff (, which my intuition told me looked reliable. This system consists of a 30-day Diet Plan in the form of a calendar, 3D Chili diet pills and 3D Chili Natural Flaxseed Oil.  I’ll tell you about the effects a moment later, but first let me tell you why I decided to try them.

Why I decided to trust it…

As a mother, I prefer natural ways of treating and preventing infections in my kids. I owe this worldview to my father; his traditions, culture and the natural ways of treating children’s ailments that he taught me. I avoid chemicals in my and my children’s life. When my kids get cold I serve them tea with Mariamiya, honey or manuka and ginger, and they also get chlorella to improve their immune system. It was my dad who spurred my interest in Arab cuisine, which contains curcuma and spices with capsaicin.


Diet pills

I mention all this not without reason. All these aromatic ingredients (ginger, chlorella, curcuma, capsaicin from chilli peppers, as well as guarana extract, green tea leaves, acai berries and pectin from grapefruit) can be found in the 3D Chili Diet pills. It’s a guarantee that we’ll be consuming natural ingredients that our body can absorb and utilise.

I take the pills three times a day (you can take a double (Turbo) dose of two pills – just like me). Morning I take yellow pill – which inhibits the appetite and improves my metabolism. At lunchtime I take red pill which burns fat. Evenings I take green pill which removes toxins.


A diet plan for 28 days, with recipes

Witch each package capsules gets The 3D Chili Diet. I must say that I was suprised – this diet plan is personalised! You can use capsules witch 3D Chili diet, but it isn’t necessary. What else? My diet plan came in the form of a practical, printed calendar. Usually diet plans are in book form, it isn’t practical especially during the cooking.
I must confess, I didn’t follow the diet strictly. As each diet, some of the dishes didn’t suit my taste. But here you can swap the dishes from another day.
I’m quite impressed by its diversity. This is not a starvation diet – here are 5 meals each day. Below are pictures of some of my favourite dishes.

Omega-3 + Capsaicin

I also received a box of sachets of 3D Chili Diet Natural Flaxseed Oil. Which is a very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. What’s more ? This oil is enriched with capsaicin – helping reduce body weight and speed up metabolism.

I like the solution: “oil in sachets” (30 sachets). It is very convenient, that I don’t have to keep sachets in the fridge, so I can take them anywhere and even add them to salad when I’m outside home. What I like the most – the capsaicin adds a bit of spicy flavour and enhances the taste of salads.

My metabolism was greatly accelerated and I lost 2 kilos without big changing my eating habits. And more importantly, every day I felt a boost of energy – my mind is clear and I’m more efficient. Girls, I feel healthy and happy!

You know what’s the coolest in 3D Chili System? You can choose your way. I have been using Slimming Capsules, Oil and Diet. But it’s really depends on what you decide.

My wedding is coming up soon. I’ve planned that day since I was a young girl, and now my dream is coming true…

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Girls! Good Luck!

This is the link to their website, where you can read more about the 3D Chili System and order some yourself.

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  1. nneka

    9-6-2014 at 15:30:20

    you look realy gorgeous


    • Sara

      12-6-2014 at 13:21:17

      Thank you very much!


  2. olivvia

    9-6-2014 at 18:26:26

    That's my favorit oil !!! i love this Spice !


    • Sara

      12-6-2014 at 13:21:46

      Happy to hear that! It's also my fav on the go spice


  3. Alex

    10-7-2014 at 15:35:36

    Hi Sara! You are very beautiful woman. I would like to be like you...unfortunatelu I'm overweight. Do you think that the 3D chili system can help me?


    • Molly Smith

      16-7-2014 at 11:05:41

      Hi Alex! I was also overweight and this system realy helped me. I used diet and pills, I had no idea, that it is also oil! What a suprise:)


  4. Kate

    10-7-2014 at 15:39:10

    I know that diet and I have to admity: it is the best. With 3D Chili I have lost almost 12 pounds.


  5. Martha

    11-7-2014 at 09:27:30

    Can I use this program after birth?


    • Jenny

      16-7-2014 at 11:08:32

      During breastfeeding you can't.


  6. Sam

    21-7-2014 at 12:01:47

    Hi Sara! You wrote: "You can use capsules witch 3D Chili diet, but it isn’t necessary". But if I use capsules and diet, I will lose MORE pounds?


    • Sara

      21-7-2014 at 15:52:14

      Yes, of course. If you stick to the diet written by a food specialists you will loose more weight than without a special diet. Fingers crossed XX


    • Alice

      22-7-2014 at 11:52:49

      Sam:) I used also this diet with capsules ofcourse and I recomend this way! Even now my metabolism works very hard:) But it must be your choose:) Big smile!


  7. Lily

    22-7-2014 at 12:03:41

    I've got other question: where Nadia bought this mouse (or bear) -cap/hat? It's lovely!


    • Sara

      22-7-2014 at 12:54:00

      Its polish brand called "DECOLOVE"


  8. Lily

    23-7-2014 at 14:15:03

    I found it! Thank you XX


  9. Mary-an

    23-7-2014 at 14:38:24

    What a shape :)! I've just ordered, and I hope to lose 10 pounds. Sara smile for you from Berlin <3


    • Sara

      23-7-2014 at 17:02:30



    • MariaMaria

      28-7-2014 at 09:35:05

      I've lost happy:)))


  10. Mikelyyah

    25-7-2014 at 12:00:21

    Hi Sara, you look ... like a Venus:) But I don't believe in this diet... and I don't know why. Maybe it is because I've never lost any pound and I'm still overweight.


    • Cody-nne

      4-9-2014 at 13:44:08

      It realy works, I bought month ago and now I'm slim:)


  11. sween

    4-10-2014 at 22:32:10

    You nice girl. Tha beauty of a. Girl


  12. sween

    4-10-2014 at 22:36:38

    Your looking very nice. And your body very sexcccccccccccy


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