Sweet november

02 Nov 2013 / Category Bags, Brands, Most wanted now, Ready to wear, Shoes / by Nadia
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Sweet November, Indian summer… why for God’s sake can’t it last untill spring? I genuinely mean it. Usually at this time of the year rainy, melancholically, like the whole life was taken away from us… Despite a tiny bit of conscience pangs in regard to snug blanket, tea with quince and ginger and a good book in my ...

Hello World! This is it!!!

12 Oct 2013 / Category Bags, Brands, GOODIES, Highfashion, Highstreet, Most wanted now, Ready to wear, Shoes / by Sara
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So finally we did it! None of us actually realised how complicated and labour all this blogging thing really is. So heads down to all the bloggers and their job which is obviously underestimated. This my first real street shoot and I have to admit it wasn’t all that easy, but thanks to my dear friend Anouk, it was ...

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