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My modeling adventure began at a very early age when I was 14 years old. Unaware of the wider world, I flew to India for the first time. I clearly remember the trip even now. What probably engraved itself in my memory the most were the frightened faces of my parents, who literally would not let me out of their arms at the airport. But that 14-year-old teenager, interested in the world, smiled carelessly not realizing what awaited her and she rushed forward with her girlfriends from the ‘industry’, who were also young models just like her and did not know much about the world. That was exactly how my modeling career began… What happened in India, and exactly what I saw there, I might tell you some other time.

Today I would like to show you the backstage of my first magazine assignment and the fruits of my cooperation with wonderful people, whom I met there.

Milan, Winter. I took two weeks off school and that, combined with two weeks of winter holidays, allowed me to spend a month in that beloved city. It was the only solution that my parents agreed to, because a month of holidays in the middle of the school year was out of the question. I finally arrived. My agent was waiting for me at the airport with a big sign saying INES and my picture underneath.

I thought that becoming familiar with the city would take a few days. I did not, however, have time for it. On the first day, I went to my apartment to greet my new colleagues and to leave my suitcases. I squeezed the most important things in my small handbag and set off (it was Friday, so I had a weekend to look forward to, during which models have time off). Where? To Florence, because I terribly missed my Sister Sara who was living there with her family at that time. I decided to surprise her, which she still remembers well 🙂

I enjoyed my time with Sara so much that I visited her every single weekend of my stay.

On Monday, however, I had to start going to castings. The models who I lived with told me precisely how to get to my agency. I made it! I ran into the agency, said hello to all the agents and models. My agent gave me a list of all the castings that I had to do that day.

I remember being terrified by the amount… there were 7 of them!!! I had exactly 20 minutes for each of them, and if I did not make it, I missed it, together with the possibility of a job. Not to mention the fact that the places, completely unknown to me, were located at the far end of the city. They handed me a map, a metro card and after that I was on my own. I must admit that I coped well with the challenge, which was actually a very pleasant feeling.

Two weeks had gone by when my agent called with the most amazing news! She told me that a client from Vogue Sposa Magazine was delighted with me and that I was booked for a location session in Venaria Reale.

I worked with a fantastic photographer Aldo Fallai. I met loads of wonderful people who I have stayed in touch with. But above all, I spent unforgettable moments.

I am grateful to my beloved agency GAGA Models. It was thanks to you that I had the possibility of travelling to the most magnificent parts of the world!

The effects of the session… well, see for yourself 🙂


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  1. magda

    28-11-2013 at 16:55:23

    Piękna!!! Zzadroszcze! musiałas przeżyć wspamiałe chwile...Gratuluje


  2. Agata

    28-11-2013 at 16:56:14

    WOW!!! Vogue?! Dziewczyny! Czym jeszcze nas zaskoczycie???


  3. Aneta

    28-11-2013 at 18:43:01

    Super się czyta. Naprawde fajny tekst a zdjecia-cudne :) Pozdrawiam Serdecznie najmłodsza SIN


  4. Aga

    28-11-2013 at 20:46:44

    Zgadzam sie, bardzo przyjemnie sie czyta, masz tzw lekkie pioro:) gratuluje sesji dla Vogue i czekam na kolejne wciagajace posty


  5. Izagrz

    28-11-2013 at 22:02:37

    Ale super!!! To musiala byc wspaniala przygoda! Podziwiam Cie, ze w tak mlodym wieku wyjechalas sama do nowego miejsca! Wyobrazam sobie, jak bardzo musieli martwic sie rodzice:) zdjecia sa piekne, wspanialy klimat, a Twoja uroda idealnie z nim wspolgra:) a jak teraz wyglada Twoja kariera? Trzymam kciuki:))


  6. Asia

    28-11-2013 at 23:46:36

    A ja nie potrafię po angielsku i nic nie rozumiem :((


    • Sara

      30-11-2013 at 22:19:50

      Mozesz zmienic język na polski w górnym pasku! ;-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


  7. Kamczi

    29-11-2013 at 11:43:39

    Jakie imiona noszą Wasze córki? Pozdrawiam, mama małej Nadii ;)


    • Sara

      30-11-2013 at 22:18:57

      Amelia, dwie Olivki I Mia


  8. Alessandra

    5-12-2013 at 22:09:30

    Kolekcjonuje VOGUE SPOSA i posiadam ten numer! Ale miło, że Polki podbijają świat mody.Gratulacje!


    • Ines

      11-12-2013 at 00:46:55

      Dziękuję!!! ;)


  9. Marta

    30-3-2015 at 17:25:51

    Mam pytanie skąd jest ta czarna torebka na zdjęciu? ;)


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